The exhibition which was put up at the Catholic Institute to commemorate the 75 years of work of the Catholic Action in Malta.




Seven years after the publication of the Encyclical "Urbi Arcano" by Pope Pius XI, Rev Prof Daniel Callus OP set up the "Lega Universitaria Cattolica Maltese". Its statute was approved by His Grace the Archbishop Dom Maurus Caruana in February 1930.



The Federation of Catholic Action, comprising male youth groups from eight parishes, was set up in October 1931.

First National Congress held in December.



The Archbishop approved the statute of the Female Youth Section.



Catholic Action was entrusted with the publication of the only Catholic journal, Leħen is-Sewwa (the Voice of Truth), in circulation at the time. This journal is still alive today.



Following the First Regional Council, held under the presidency of Cardinal Lepicier, the ecclesiastical authorities decreed that Cathilic Action should be established in every Parish.



With the start of the Second World War, Catholic Action members in parishes had to divert their energies to the material support of their fellow countrymen besides committing themselves towards their spiritual welfare.



In October Mons. Mikiel Azzopardi was appointed as Ecclesiastical General.



The war still raging elsewhere, a Diocesan Congress, known as the Revival Congress, was called by Dun Mikiel Azzopardi, a young priest assuming the duties of Ecclesiastical General.



His Grace Archbishop Mgr Michael Gonzi approved the statute of the Adult Male Branch.



A monthly periodical, "Il-Huggiega" (The Bonfire) was published for members for the first time on 1 July. This periodical is still being published every three months to date.



The setting up of the Adult Female Section was approved. A central administrative office was established and the Diocesan Directorate had its first meeting. A seven year plan for the restructuring of Catholic Action was formulated. A Catholic Action group was formed at the Seminary.



A Provincial Ecclesistical Assistant was nominated to co-ordinate Catholic Action work in the dioceses of Malta and Gozo.



The Segretariat for Social Assistance and the Commission for (pastoral work among) the Sick were set up. Catholic Action started publishing the periodical Farag (Comfort) specially aimed at the sick and disabled persons.



The Emigrants' Commission was born.



The Catholic Teachers' Movement was established and later became a founder member of the Union Mondiale des Enseignants Catholiques (UMEC).

Summer Camps for children from needy families were organised.

The Emigrants' Commission published its first periodical "Lil Hutna" (To Our Brothers) addressed to the thousands of Maltese emigrants.

The Adult Female Section produced a fortnightly cable radio programme aimed at educating women.



Catholic Action started organising Mothers' Day and the Feast of the Holy Family on a national scale.



The first President General, Dr Herbert Ganado, was nominated to co-ordinate the work and initiative of all sections and commissions.

A Social Studies Commission was set up to study and propagate the Social Teaching of The Church at parish level.



With emigration on a large scale, the Emigrants' Commission started functioning at parish level.



Catholic Action celebrated the Silver Jubilee since its approval of its statute.



Catholic Action took the initiative to run Youth Centre in all the pairshes of the diocese.



The Catholic Action Headquarters transferred to the Catholic Institute, a centre for lay apostolate organisations and the spread of Catholic culture, built on the initiative of Catholic Action.



On 1 May, the Archbishop approved the Regulations for the setting up of the Catholic Action Secretariat for Social Assistance in parishes.

A National Commission "Pro Familia" was formed.

A Home for the Handicapped, Dar Mater Providentiae was opened.



A revised statute, conforming with the teaching of the Popes and Vatican Council II, was approved by both the Bishop of Malta and the Bishop of Gozo, a smaller island. This statute brought about the amalgamation of Catholic Action in both islands.



Mgr Michael Azzopardi, releived of his duties in order to dedicate his life to the running of the Home for the Handicapped.



The Bishop of Gozo, Mgr Nikol Cauchi, inaugurated the Catholic Action Headquarters in Gozo.



The Male Youth Section, in collaboration with the World Federation of Catholic Youth , organised an International Seminar on "The Training of Catholic Youth for Social and Political Commitment".



A monthly periodical for children, "Taghna t-Tfal" (For Us Children), was published for the first time.



Catholic Action took the initiative to set up Family Groups.



At the invitation of the Italian Catholic Action, representatives from the Malta Catholic Action attended a meeting for prayer and shared refelection held in Rome to support the Synod Fathers who were studying "The vocation and mission of the laity in the Church and in the World".



Delegates from the M C A attended a meeting of the Forum of I F C A held in Rome.



Delegates from the M C A participated in the Assembly of the International Federation of Catholic Action held in Rome.



The Ecclesiastical Authorities entrusted the management of the 'Holy Family Home' for the Elderly, Naxxar, formerly under the care of the Little Sisters of the Poor, to the Malta Catholic Action.



M C A was elected to form part of the I F C A Secretariat at the First Ordianary Assembly of I F C A held in Vienna.



Steps were taken to set up a new Catholic Action section for Young Adults.



European Meeting of the Internationl forum of Catholic Action held in Malta.



The Catholic Action Commission for the Sick and the Disabled celebrated the Golden Anniversary.

Eurocontact '98 - FIMCAP (International Federation of Parochial Youth Communitites) held in Malta.



Opening of Diocesan Synod - Catholic Action active participation.

Euroconference FIMCAP (International Federation of Parochial Youth Communitites) held in Malta.



Group of Catholic Action Youth members attended Jubilee 2000 World Youth Day in Rome.

Catholic Action represented at the Jubilee for the Third Age held in Rome.

Catholic Action represented at the Jubilee for Lay Catholic Organisations in Rome.

Four Catholic Action members particpated in the third IFCA (International forum of Catholic Action) Meeting held in Rome.



Two Catholic Action members from the adult female branch particpated in a WUCWO (World Union Of Catholic Women's Organisation) held in Rome.

Catholic Action members participated actively in celebrations organized in connection with Pope John Paul's visit to Malta.

Eurocontact 2001 - FIMCAP (International Federation of Parochial Youth Communitites) held in Malta.

Two members of the Youth Section attended the IFCA (International forum of Catholic Action) meeting for the young Catholic Action members in Bulgaria.

ZAK (Catholic Action Youth Section) organized and participated in a Euromed Project for representatives of Southern Europe and the Mediterranean countries.