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Archbishop Visit, Tesserament

Archbishop Visit

On the day dedicated to the layperson, a meeting was organised at the Catholic Institute between Archbishop Paul Cremona and the people who give their time volunatrily to the non-governmental organisations they are associated with. The Catholic Action was in charge of some of the jobs that were done on the day. These included ushering and photography. The visit started with the Archbishop signing photos of himself for some of the people. He then met the staff at the Catholic Institute and then joined the people in the hall who were singing along with the choir, band and singers present. There were various speeches and afterwards there was a short private audience between the Archbishop and members of the Catholic Action who were present.


As is usual at the start of the New Year, the directors of each branch were invited to the Catholic Institute for the commitment celebration. During this celebration, Catholic Action members pledge to commit themselves to continue working for the coming year. The celebration is also a good opportunity for the Catholic Action members to meet each other, exchange new year greetings and catch up on the news. Before the actual day, a lot of work was done by those who were preparing for the event. Promptly at 18:15, the hall in the Catholic Institute filled up and Fr. Damian Cachia and Fr. Michael Bellizzi celebrated Mass for us. Almost all the sections of the Catholic Action were involved in the Mass in one way or another. At the end of the Mass there was the time to mingle and exchange news while enjoying some food and drink.